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Ancestry and genealogy research are a lifelong adventure. There is always more to discover.

Knowing our family roots and stories helps us understand our own life and nature we inherited from our ancestors.
Last, but not least, we are able to learn much about life in the country from where we came through the life stories our forefathers.
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Preliminary Research

The initial preliminary research will help me get acquainted with your Czech progenitor, the first to immigrate to the United States, and find the right town he or she came from.
It will enable me to find out whether there are archival records from which I can later draw in an extensive 5-day research investigation.
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In order to start successful research...

the most accurate initial research data possible must come from you. Go through family documents and old photo albums. I'm sure you'll find many interesting pieces of the puzzle that will be important for further research and may become crucial to our detective work.

Not sure you have accurate information about your ancestors?

Don't lose hope, that's common... reasons to try your luck are my experience of researching, knowledge of the Czech language, which may appear on any document you hold, without you knowing it, knowledge of the script used to write the records into parish registers, access to local and international genealogical sites and the ability to compare information with other worldwide sources.

What can you get?

A crucial archival record of the researched ancestor and address where he/she lived before immigrating to the United States. You will also have a basic orientation in researched parish registry records which are not always preserved due to destruction or loss. It is the crucial starting point for subsequent extensive research. You can be sure that you will not lose money on extensive research when it is not possible to find registry records. Try your luck anyway and submit a non-binding inquiry form.

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At this moment you would pay for the pre-research 
CZK3,900 ($177—check the current rate).

Extensive Ancestry Research

Based on the data drawn from the preliminary research we now know how to proceed and can therefore begin extensive ancestry research.

Your Czech ancestors from Bohemia

The life stories of your ancestors from a country called Bohemia, the Czech Kingdom, its name since the Middle Ages, will unfold before you.

My research I will record up to 8 generations of ancestors before your relative who first immigrated to the US. I will explore records in the Czech National and Regional Archives and various other sources. 

Building the Czech family tree

I will build your family tree based on solid foundations, verifiable facts, documents and registers.

I will translate all the newly discovered records into English and use them to enrich your existing pedigree.

The results of this investigation will be a confirmation of how hardworking, diligent and indomitable your ancestors were and what they had to do to succeed.
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Life stories of your ancestors

Extensive research will open the way to your Czech ancestors, their names, professions, the joyful and unhappy life situations that led them to emigrate to the US.

You will be able to use my records to search US records and your family tree will be able to grow to the present day.

Get my help of local genealogist

Working on a family pedigree is adventurous, everyday detective work, during which I go back to ancient times and learn about a life that we can hardly imagine today.

If you want to learn more about how your ancestors lived in a country you know as Bohemia or Moravia, today known as the Czech Republic, and even meet distant relatives living here, I will do my best to help you.
Right now you would pay for the extensive research  
CZK19,500 ($888—check the current rate).


We asked Dagmar to research my grandfather's genealogy. She was very thorough and found several pieces of information about my grandfather that I didn't know. 

Dagmar was also able to locate several villages and homes of my ancestors. She gave me tons of information that I did not have. Thanks Dagmar!
Randy Jarolimek
Thank you so much for my Grandfather's military records. It truly helped fill in more details about his life before coming to the USA.
Diane Caradeuc
Although I have researched my Czech ancestry for years, Dagmar nevertheless managed to add some corrective details, and spent considerable time attempting to gain further information from church and cemetery records not available online.  

Additionally, she was able to use the information to focus our tour day to see exactly what we'd hoped to in our limited time in-country and make our trip a success. In all, we found the additional research expense well worthwhile as preparation for our tour.
Tom Havelka