Extensive ancestry

Based on your input and findings from the preliminary research I will continue to explore the records and archives to a greater extent.

The success of extended research depends on accurate information from you. Any detail might be crucial for the detective archival search for the origin of your ancestors.

Please provide all versions of your ancestors' names used, the exact or estimated place of birth and date of birth.
Extensive ancestry research includes:

- 5-day thorough research
- obtaining relevant documents reporting found data
- translantion of relevant documents found during the research
- building up the Czech branch of your family pedigree on boths maternal and paternal lines
- possibility to enrich your exisisting public ancestral tree with found data
Please fill in the non - binding inquiry form to start the extensive research.
After confirmation of all required information for the research and completed payment, we will consider the service as fully booked.
All my prices are calculated in CZK. To find out the current USD equivalent, you may use this currency converter.
Immigration year, other family members (full names, DOB, place of birth, relationship) or link to your family tree at Ancestry.com
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