Genealogy guide 
to your Czech ancestors

Experienced professional

Ancestry Researcher & Tour Guide Dagmar

Let's find your Czech ancestry together.

I’ll explore the Czech records for you. The stories of your Bohemian and Moravian forefathers will come alive again. You'll get a deep research of your ancestry, enriching your Czech pedigree as a result.

I will gladly accompany you to the places of your family origins and guide your visit to the beauties of the Czech Republic.
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Ancestry & Genealogy

Get the complete service of Czech archival research. I will search for information about your ancestors in the Czech National archive.
Based on the findings, I can make your Czech pedigree more complete.
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Ancestry Tour in Person

The Ancestry tour is the next step in your discovery with a specific tour catered to you. You will receive a fully personalized visit to your ancestors' hometowns. Journey to the actual houses, cemeteries, and churches of distant relatives in the Czech Republic.
Perhaps, with a little luck, you might even find and meet your distant relatives.

Ancestry digital tour

In the times when possibilities to travel are limited you might choose the option of a 15 minute digitalized video ancestry tour, where you will be able to virtually experience the discoveries of the genealogy research.
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Set upon 
an exciting journey

I first began researching the ancestry of my own family and then became a consultant in the family genealogical research of clients. I have had the pleasure of serving my clients in my profession as a genealogist and tour guide since 2012. 

Working on a family pedigree is adventurous, everyday detective work I do daily. 
My work takes us back to ancient times and we learn about a life that we can hardly imagine today. 

If you want to learn more about how your ancestors once lived in a country you know as Bohemia or Moravia, which today is known as the Czech Republic, perhaps even meet distant relatives living here, I am excited to help you do that.