by Local Czech Genealogist and 
Licensed Tour Guide Dagmar

Precious family heritage

Ancestry starts with you

Your family memories, records, photos and your wish to preserve them for the future generations. Start with yourself and search backwards in time!

I provide a complete service tailored just for you, visiting places connected with the life of your Czech ancestors and researching archival records to build a rich family tree based on verified facts.

The stories of your Czech ancestors will come alive.
a Journey of a lifetime

Fully Customised Genealogy Tour

I organize a complete customized heritage travels to visit the places of your ancestors.

A unique journey through the Czech Republic to the family homes your ancestors left behind when they emigrated to the USA, to the churches where they got married and their children were baptized, to the cemeteries where your ancestors from more distant generations rest.
Building of a Czech family tree

Fully Customised Ancestry Research

"If you don't find out where you come from, you won't find out who you are and where you're going."


Every time we open the drawer in which we keep a forgotten relic of our ancestor, when we wipe the dust from our grandfather's pipe, and when we catch a glimpse of a framed photograph of a village that we know from family memories to be from there, in a faraway land we come from, we want to go on a journey against the flow of time, during which we can find a new dimension of our own identity.
Where do they actually come from, who were our ancestors? Come with me to the roots of your being, awareness, we are a living part of a continuous chain of existence in which countless specific ancestors have participated in the formation of your personal identity.
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Perhaps you have already followed the footsteps of your ancestors in one of the genealogy websites and reached the point where it was necessary to search in archive documents written in a language you do not know, Czech language? If you were dedicated enough to research and found the right book of birth, marriage or death registers in the intricate system of Christian parishes, you found an entry written in an obscure Neo-Gothic cursive script. Not to mention the writing skills of some of the record scribes at the may already have an idea why it is advantageous to hire an experienced genealogist with knowledge of the local language and historical connections.
Your personal genealogist and tour guide

Set upon 
an exciting journey
with me

I first began researching the ancestry of my own family and then became a consultant in the family genealogical research of clients. I have had the pleasure of serving my clients in my profession as a genealogist and tour guide since 2012. 

Working on a family pedigree is adventurous detective work I do daily. 
My work takes us back to ancient times and we learn about a life that we can hardly imagine today. 

If you want to learn more about how your ancestors once lived in a country you know as Bohemia or Moravia, which today is known as the Czech Republic. Perhaps  you even meet distant relatives living here, and I am excited to help you experience that.