Ancestry Tour

Get to know your Czech heritage
by personal experience or in a digitized video recording

A day Ancestry Tour in person

Ancestry tour will become one of the most memorable moments of your life.
A fully adapted one-day ancestry tour will take you to towns, villages and family houses found during the genealogical research of your Czech family.

Touching moments

Dreams of visiting your grandparents' places of origin can come true. Memories of them will remain with you for a lifetime.

Fully customized tour

A fully customized ancestry day tour of  will take you to towns, villages and family houses where your Czech family lived before immigrating to the USA.

Experience the Czech legacy

Ancestry tour is fully based on the findings from the genealogical research of your Czech family. You will touch your Czech roots.

Follow the Jarolimeks on their Ancestry Tour

The Extensive Research revealed family records and 
the Jarolimeks set up on a journey to visite all their ancestral places 


My main goal for my trip was to travel to my Grandfather's home village and to meet the family members that still lived in the village. Dagmar arranged all the details, including coordinating with the mayor. 

She acted as my interpreter with the family and for the public event in which I presented information about my Grandfather. The reunion was all that I had hoped for and more. It is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Highly recommend Dagmar as your guide.
Diane Caradeuc
Dagmar explained many things to us as we passed areas, history of areas, she double checked home locations at the local city halls, had copies of records we needed.

She arranged the van, but best of all she was enthusiastic and so pleasant to be around. Her excitement excited us.
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Kris Quinn
Our full day tour with Dagmar was one of the highlights of our recent Eastern European tour. Dagmar's English was impeccable (even teaching us a few words in Czech). 

Both, her knowledge of the history and current state of the Czech Republic were extremely informative. She chose a beautiful scenic route through the villages of Bohemia and Moravia, stopping to tour the Hornicke Muzeum, Telc, and Horni Ves (the ancestral home of our family). 

The day could not have been better!
Dean Lahodny
Fulfill your lifelong dream of finding the Czech heritage and pass it on to the next generations of your family.
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15 minutes of TIMELESS VALUE

Absentee Ancestry 
Video Tour

When conditions do not allow you to travel you might like to choose the option of getting a 15-minute Video Ancestry Tour. The video will be made in your absence upon previous extensive genealogy research.
Footage will capture real places, family houses, churches where your Czech ancestors lived and stayed before leaving for the USA. 
Fully personalised video documentary of your family´s ancestral places, created by professionals.
Family story captured and preserved for the next generations of your descendants.