Absentee Ancestry Video

A 15-minute Ancestry Video Tour in your absence

Video Tour Itinerary

Video journey full of emotions

Our offer might come handy in the times when travelling is limited. A 15-minute digitalized video ancestry tour takes you to the locations and houses where your predecessors were born, raised their kids, worked on fields, cooked yummy traditional dumplings with smoked bacon and sauerkraut, baked kolaches filled with poppy seeds or seasonal fruit fillings. 

Based on research

Based on solid foundations and verifiable facts from the genealogy research I will take you on an ancestry tour with our video.
You will experience the discoveries of the genealogical research, places you can later see in person, once traveling is possible again.


The first part of the video tour will first take you through the Museum of Rural Life and Folk Architecture to learn about how your ancestors lived in the past, what tools they used to work in the fields, or what kitchen utensils they used for cooking and baking. Here you will see what was the daily life of your ancestors before landing in the USA, what skills they brought from Bohemia that helped them succeed.
The second part of the video documentary provides a tour of the real places where your ancestors lived before they emigrated to the United States. I will guide you through the shots and explain all the details of the discoveries. You will see the house in which your ancestor was born and raised. I will also take you to the church where he or she married. In the local cemetery you will see the tombstones of members of your distant family.
If I manage to find living members of your Czech family, you will meet them on the video as well.


Price for the Absentee Ancestry Video Tour is fully customised according the subject of research and distance to drive. Price includes service of the genealogist, a video professional and a transportation fee. The price will be fixed after submitting all required information. The total price doesn't hide any other fees or payments.
The usual price for such a 15-minute documentary movies starts from CZK15,000/USD680 (check the current rate) .
All my prices are calculated in CZK. To find out the current USD equivalent, you may use this currency converter.

Payment Method

Credit card via Paypal (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX)

Inquiry form

That means family names, places and dates of birth of Czech family members etc. If you have previously ordered ancestry research from me, you do not need to fill in the details.